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Default S&R for all paid by all.

It seems to me that since S&R is an emergency service that serves the general public and not just the hunting a fishing community, it should be funded by the general public. S&R has nothing to do with fish or game or the management of related resources, it is simply a matter of public safety. In my opinion the State should shoulder the financial burden for S&R, flat and simple. Utilize personal of the Fish & Game in conjunction withe other state, local and volunteer personnel of course, but it should be on the State's dime. Once again, S&R is a matter of public safety, not fish or wildlife. I'm all for the Fish & Game receiving funding from the State, but only if it is earmarked for S&R or other predetermined greater public safety emergencies and without any intrusion by the State in management of the Fish & Game. I would just like to see the State reimburse the Fish & Game for cost incurred in assisting the State in its business of public safety.

It seems rather straight forward to me.
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