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A friend of mine who is an officer in F&G law enforcement wrote an article some time ago in a NH newspaper, (can't remember which paper it was in), but he discussed this issue, and related how he and his S&R team were criticised by one of these idgits for their "response time". The person got messed up in the mountains, called in on a cell phone and then sat and waited it out until the team could be assembled, organized, and finally located them. Can you believe that? I'm sorry, but people like that do need to pay their own tab.
If there was some type of (non-profit) program and educational efforts in place, I'd be happy to contribute and volunteer. But laying the burden of this solely at the feet of hunters and anglers is not right. It's the general public that needs and uses the services, and the general public should be covering the costs. Even more, folks from all over the region, (and even the country) travel to NH to recreate. Considering that, is it correct for NH tax payers to assume responsibility for the entire cost? How do you address that fairly?
Bryan, thanks, and hats off to you for your service. And in the case of a deceased individual, you're right, it would be cold to ask for payment for services, but that's where another source of funding is needed. There needs to be a kitty set up, and maintained by the general public. And somehow, it needs to be tied in with out-of-staters so the burden does not fall on the NH tax payer.
I wonder how they address this issue in other popular outdoor recreation states like Montana, Utah, Colorado...?
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