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Every state is unique in terms of SAR. I know that when we have searches in VT that the primary agency in charge is the Vermont State Police, however, due to an unfortunate event with an avid teen hiker (had climbed Mt. Everest base camp if memory serves) died of exposure that was compounded by a severely broken leg. VSP got the missing persons call around 2am but did not mobilize a team and respond to the incident until 6:30am. Also if memory serves VSP lost the law suite and some emergency legislation was passed to spread the burden of SAR between the VSP and the VT F&G.

I think having either a particular states F&G department or its state police is pretty standard in terms of SAR responsibilities. A point that I've never honestly thought about is actually why its FG that does SAR when probably less than 5% of our missing persons are hunters/fishermen. I'll talk to my commander and see why he thinks some states have SAR fall to the FG department.

I don't know about finding a way to somehow have out-of-staters pay a fee incase they get lost. Sure it would be nice but I just don't see how there would be a practical way to do it. And besides, every state has SAR units that they have to pay for, so no matter which state you get lost in, someone is going to come looking for you. Granted there are states that probably foot a larger bill because of more outdoor activities, but in all honesty I think the amount of missing persons with mental illness outnumber the amount of hikers by such a large portion, I don't think charging maybe that one out of state person is really going to do all that much.

In terms of outdoor education and "lost-proofing" people, I whole heartedly agree. Its something I think everyone should do. Our sister organization, New England K-9 Search and Rescue, puts on a class for kids once a year which I think usually gets a pretty good turn out (probably because the kids want to see all the dogs!)

One last thing I've forgotten to mention is that I also know that many (NH included) utilizes the National Guard on a pretty regular basis (for us we use their helicopters with the infra red cameras) and depending on the severity of the situation they often time lend us man-power too.

And as far as the whiney hiker, your always going to have "that guy/gal" in any part of life. Sure they're being ignorant and stupid and those people are the ones that as a SAR operator you want to punch, but there's just nothing you can do about it. I don't do SAR to get "thank you"'s (to date, in 3 years, I've actually never once gotten a thank you from a patient/patient's family) I do it because I feel its the right thing to do and no matter how big of an a$$hole the person is, there is someone out there that loves them and wants them home.

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