January 23, 2019

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Old 05-16-2018, 01:05 PM
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Default Night fishing is illegal... right?

I've been listening to some fishing podcasts lately, and a topic that sometimes comes up is going after trout at night (often big browns... and usually talking about using mouse flies). I have always thought that freshwater fishing at night is illegal in NH, but I'm a little fuzzy trying to interpret the regs.

I'm looking at the freshwater fishing digest, and it says no taking of trout 2 hours after sunset, and one hour before sunrise (there seem to be a few exceptions by river). But I'm a little confused on the definition of "taking":

Take or Taking: Includes pursuing, shooting,
hunting, killing, capturing, trapping, snaring,
and netting wildlife, and all lesser acts, such as
disturbing, harrying, worrying, wounding, or
placing, setting, drawing, or using any net or
other device commonly used to take wildlife,
whether they result in taking or not. Includes
every attempt to take and every act of assistance
to every other person in taking or attempting
to take wildlife, provided that whenever taking
is allowed by law, reference is had to taking by
lawful means and in a lawful manner.

The list a whole bunch of things that "taking" includes, but "fishing for" isn't in that list, but there seem to be some synonyms for fishing (pursuing, capturing, snaring... etc.).

I think my assumption is that fishing for trout is illegal at night. That's everyone else's interpretation too, right?

What's the reason for nighttime restrictions?

And somewhat related to this (because I was hoping to do this on the andro)... the regs say that from the Errol Dam to the markers at the dead water at Bragg Bay is flyfishing only. I've seen plenty of spin fisherfolk near Mollidgewock state park. But where is that Bragg Bay downstream boundary?
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