May 22, 2018

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Old 05-18-2018, 08:59 AM
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So what is the rationale for this regulation restricting fishing for trout at night? From what I can tell, it's only trout fishing that is prohibited.

I did just email F&G as I'm curious about what the reason could be.
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Old 05-18-2018, 10:57 AM
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Default some thoughts

'Everyone does it' never worked very well with my mother when I was a kid.
IMO Fish & Game does the best they can with what they've got. There's much territory to cover, many hats to wear. I don't think it's about "they don't enforce", they just can't be everywhere at once.

As fishdude said Mollidgewock State Park is about 5 miles south of Errol. I've never spotted the markers at Bragg's Bay, but I assume they would be near where the river narrows south of the Rt 26 bridge.

To my knowledge the rule about no night fishing for trout has to do with protecting trout large enough and old enough to have become cannibals. Those that eat more fish, even their smaller brethren in some cases, and less bugs. Do fish like that still exist? I don't know myself, but if they do they deserve they're place in the ecosystem. I'll accept the regs and night fish for bass.

I'd be interested in the official response from F&G though.
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