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I have had peripheral neuropathy in feet and hands for many years. The pain can be almost entirely eliminated through the use of venlafaxine HCL ER. It is an off-label use, but very effective. Send me a PM if you wish.

I use stockingfoot chest waders with neoprene legs and breathable uppers. No pain in squeezing my feet into the neoprene, because of the Effexor. Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero tactile feedback from my feet, so I need to watch where I am placing my feet. I stumble often when wading.

The next neuropathy will probably be in your hands. When the sense of touch is gone and you feel like you are wearing three pairs of gloves, the simple act of tying a fly on the tippet can be a hoot! You can't feel the fly or the tippet. I've lost a lot of flies that I thought I was tying on because I didn't know that I had dropped them.

I wish all the best for you. "We're all pulling for you!"
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