November 27, 2020

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Old 10-24-2019, 11:26 AM
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Default looking for Jim Warner carded streamer flies for tribute framing

Hi folks, I'm putting together a commemorative framing of some of NH/Lake Winnipesaukee Jim Warner's flies to ultimately donate to one of the large fly fishing museums in his name & help preserve his legacy. A museum framer is doing the framing so that the flies framed will be impervious to rust or decay and last for centuries.

For now, the core group collected includes presentation sets he tied of his Bicentennial Smelt (single and trolling), the Ten Feather Emerald Shiner, and the Winnipesaukee Smelt (single and trolling), Grey Ghosts, Joe's Smelt, Barney Google, Babb's Ghost, Christie' Gray Smelt, among a few other patterns, that may or may not make it into the final frame depending on the quality of others that can be located.

I'm hoping to find more examples of his work and especially some of the 163 patterns that he created - they need to be unused and on original cards. Especially interested in ones that used synthetic materials - his more modern patterns - ones that used Flash and the like. I have the older feather patterns mostly covered.

Preference would be for emphasis on the more lifelike smelt-like flies he tied - eg mylar Warner Smelts (dark or light), Winni Gray Smelt, True Life Smelt, Willoughby Lake Smelt, Big Jake Lake Smelt, Ultimate Smelt, Mike's Morning Smelt, etc, etc. The larger the size fly, the better, since it shows up better in the frame and allows a viewer to see the details.

If you have some duplicates or other sitting in a drawer that you might be willing to possibly part with, please PM me. I only need a few more to complete the framing. I'm not looking to deplete anybody's collection, just hoping to purchase one or two from a few different individuals, to help Jim's work live on and be preserved for the public to see.

Jim tied over 25,000 flies / year, so there must still be a lot out there that haven't been fished and could be used to show off his talents and creativity. I grew up in New England and was a big fan of Jim's and wished I had collected more flies before moving West twenty years ago.

Highest prices paid for the right patterns that could be included in the framing. If you know somebody that has some and could let me or them know, that would be helpful, too. I'll send you something really nice as a Thank You, if I purchase any flies from somebody you recommended that ends up working out.

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Old 10-26-2019, 08:45 AM
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I hope you get some responses.

I'm staggered at his annual production. Taking time off for Sundays and holidays it amounts to 80+ flies per day.
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