November 27, 2020
When you think of fishing in the Great North Woods Region of New Hampshire Pittsburg and the Connecticut Lakes are the first things that come to mind. And well they should because some of the finest fishing in the State is found in this area. But there's more to The Great North Woods than just the "Connecticut's". The area north of Colebrook is laced with rivers, streams, and ponds that will delight those who fish them. Don't neglect the "Trophy" section of the Connecticut River to be found in North Stratford on the way to or from the Pittsburg area. On the eastern side of the state is the Androscoggin River water shed, noted for its big fish. The Magalloway, the Upper Ammonoosuc, Dead Diamond, and Diamond Rivers are also "must try" fishing. I've just highlighted a few of the many spots to wet a line. Get yourself a DeLorme map and explore. I'm sure you'll have a ball.