September 27, 2020

First report of 2005!

Submitted - 2005-04-25
Saturday was the opening of the trout ponds here in NH. The weather we had for the weekend was pretty tough for fishing. Downpours on Sat and showers on Sun Morning with cold temps kept a lot of anglers off the water. The rivers and ponds here in southern NH have been stocked and I got reports from guys fishing the rivers. The Piscataquog, Exeter, Lamprey, and the Isinglass have been producing some fish. The Lamprey is running pretty high right now and I'm hoping for good flow towards the end of the week. These rivers have many access points but the fishing is much better if you are willing to walk a bit. Streamer flies are a good bet right now. Some of the patterns I always have on hand are Golden Demons, Harris Specials, Hornbergs, Gray Ghosts, and Mickey Finns. Nymphs have also been producing fish on the rivers some of the patterns that are working are the Prince, Pheasant Tail, Black Stones, and the Gartside Sparrow. The Micro Woolly Bugger is also an old reliable as well as Olive and Black Woolly's. Ponds that are worth fishing in this area are Lucas in Nottingham, Pleasant Lake in Deerfield, and Stonehouse in Barrington. I'm also going to try Towerhill Pond in Auburn this year. It's a hike in pond and float tubes are your best bet. Check the rule book for special regulations on these ponds.
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