October 1, 2020

The Great North Woods Reports In

Submitted - 2005-05-12
Ice left our lakes in early May and the daffodils are blooming. Spring is here! We have returned to normal office hours now that mud season is over. We're expecting a great fishing season. Run-off is 98% over and we have full lakes and rivers! Our winter was mild as Pittsburg winters go. Our wild animals had a relatively easy winter.
Join us this season for an escape from traffic, work and scheduling. Enjoy a slower pace, the call of the loon, and the scenic beauty which is Pittsburg NH!
The water flows are right, the water temps are right and the salmon have entered the river! The salmon run usually lasts about 2 weeks. There is plenty of water in the lakes so good river flows should continue. Best places to fish for the salmon have been the inlets at both Lake Francis and 1st Connecticut Lake.
Trout fishing has been fair to good in the river below First Lake Dam and the ponds are beginning to fish good. Ponds to try inlcude Moose Pond, Middle Pond, Round Pond, Clarkesville Pond and Back Lake.
Flies to try for salmon: Grey Ghost, Marabou Black Ghost, Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle and Tan Caddis Pupa. The idea is to imitate either a spawnig smelt or the caddis pupa/larva which are prevalent in the river this time of year. Flies to try in ponds or for trout include the black or grey wooly bugger, beadhead pheasant tails and / or soft hackles, hornbergs, Griffith's Gnat, and BH squirrel nymphs.
This report was provided by The Lopstick Lodge and Cabins in Pittsburg, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://lopstick.com