October 31, 2020

White Mountian Region - UPDATE

Submitted - 2005-05-14
Looks like this weekend will be the kickoff to the best fishing to date in the Mt. Washington Valley. The Saco is running at a more reasonable level and I have heard that it has recently been stocked. So far only a few have fished the river and I did get one report of a from one angler who had a pretty good day. The big hatches are still a couple of weeks off. The best strategy is to fish deep. Cone Head Muddlers have proven to be one of the best early season flies on the Saco. Probably Wooly Buggers are a close second.
The Ellis has also picked up. I have had some reports of a few early
brown stone flies, however fishing deep will probably bring the best
The trout ponds are hot! I have had some good reports about Saco Pond. I have not had a chance to check it out personally, but it looks like the gate is finally open to Mountain Pond. The ponds in the Ossipee area are doing very well. I know that these are a little bit out of the White Mountains, but they are worth checking out. Duncan Lake, White’s Pond and Conner Pond are some of the states best fishing waters.
I have had great luck with Griffith’s Gnats the last few evenings. Janet and I both caught a couple of 18 inch brook trout the other evening. Both were taken on this simple midge pattern.
Black Quills, Partridge and Peacock soft hackles and Black Ghosts have all done well in area ponds.
This is the weekend so get out there and fish.
This report was provided by The North Country Angler in North Conway, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://northcountryangler.com