October 31, 2020

Dartmouth/Sunapee Region Fishing Wet

Submitted - 2005-05-16
All of the rivers and ponds have been stocked at least once now. In general, water levels remain relatively high and with showers forecast for the next few days, the fishing will be weather dependent. Right now the rivers are clear and water temperatures are recovering back into the 50’s from last week’s cold front. The Sugar and Mascoma rivers are producing fish with nymphs and streamers being the most productive. Mayflies (Hendrickson’s and BWO’s) and small stoneflies are hatching with some surface activity reported. Reports on the White and Ottaquechee rivers in Vermont have been mixed. In the Upper sections where the water temperatures are still cold, the fishing has been slow but in the sections below Bethel fishing has been a bit better. Stoneflies, Hendricksons and BWOs have been hatching but nymphing is still most productive. Early afternoon is the time to look for surface activity on these rivers. If I were going fishing, I would try the White between Bethel and Royalton, particularly the deeper holes and pocket water.

Ponds and lakes are fishing well and as long as the water temperatures remain cool, look for midges and surface activity.
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