October 1, 2020

A Trip to the Souhegan River

Submitted - 2005-04-26
Report Date: 4/21/2005
Waterbody: Souhegan River
Locations: Milford, Wilton, Greenville
Hours Covered: 10:00 - 16:00

Weather: Very cool, partial to full sun, windy Air Temperature: 42 F - 61 F Water Level: Full flow+ (110% of "normal") Water Temperature: 55 F Insect Activity: 0 hatching, sporadic small/medium stoneflies landing through day Other Fishing Pressure: None

Partial family reunion with my father (age 77) visiting from FL plus apartial day off from the shop added up to an excellent day afield. Water flows were down noticeably from just a few days prior, but still carried some extra zip and depth at each location in the Souhegan River. Fishing in the morning found us in downtown Milford.
Pretty, but with a cold wind the visiting Floridian suffered a bit and the fishing yielding only a couple of brookies. Moving upstream as the day warmed produced better fishing and a bit less river volume to contend with. The sections off Elm Street gave up fish as well. The afternoon had us finishing up in the lower and upper points of the special regulations section off of Rte. 31 in Greenville. Easily, the best fishing was in the afternoon.

We were limited to the easier access points due to my father's age, but the fishing was good. The river is pretty well stocked in almost all sections and we caught brookies, browns, and rainbows. The largest fish were off of Rte. 31.
More rainbows followed by brookies and two browns. Largest fish was 14"+ (rainbow).

Flies that worked:
Soft hackle, weighted flies ruled the day! Nothing fancy here, size 12/14, squirrel/rabbit dubbing mixed bodies with gray being the best color followed by dark olive -- all with a bit of flashback style applied. A bit of non-tox sink putty was needed to drive the flies down. Mainly dead-drift presentation.
Wooly Buggers were a no-show and accounted for 0 fish.

Pouring rain after this report has the same river ripping past flood level and will take a couple of days to drop. More rain is possible before that drop may happen...

The stocking level seems quite good and we will use the same techniques as the water drops in the coming week. Forecasts show similar daily temperature ranges through the coming week. Next weekend we would expect to see a higher level of fishing pressure in these same areas.
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