October 22, 2020

White Mountain Region Fishing is Good Despite the Rain

Submitted - 2005-05-27
Looks like the Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to be a damp one. Despite the weather there is still plenty of good fishing to be found.

Yesterday, while checking the water temperature on the Ellis, I witnessed a very steady hatch of Epeorus pleuralis, (Quill Gordon). Despite the high water trout were rising all over the pool. Unfortunately all my gear was back at the shop.

It is a good bet that the Saco will remain high and difficult or impossible to fish right through the weekend. Saco Valley Anglers canceled their stocking due to the high water.

The trout ponds are still doing well and would be my recommendation for the best fishing. Mountain Pond, Sawyer Pond and Falls Pond are good places to try.

We made our first float trip on the Androscoggin last weekend and a fantastic day. Steve and his party caught some big fish and there were several mayfly hatches taking place. Unfortunately by mid week the water flow was so high it was impossible to float.

If you are traveling in the North Conway area this weekend tune in to 1050 AM. The station has weather every 10 minutes, Mt. Washington summit reports, hiking and biking reports, and most important of all fishing reports brought to you by the North Country Angler.

Everyone have a great weekend and tight lines.
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