September 27, 2020

Captain Brett's Perseverance Pays Off!

Submitted - 2005-06-01
Monday May 30th,

Now I remember why I do not fish on the weekends and a Holiday weekend at that or at least on Joppa Flats Must have been 50 boats on the Joppa. Lot’s of very, very small fish with occasional expectable stripers. Managed to get back out after the rain, put in at 7:00 pm, had place to my self-20 inch + fish on Joppa @ high tide. I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Tuesday May 31st.

AM, fortunately had diehard clients because the weather man was wrong again! Wind blew from N-E @ 20 all day. Too windy for the fly, threw 9 inch sluggo’s all day. Caught a few fish around 30 inch fished the Islands above RT 1- Notta. Customers wanted to fish under 95 bridge also Notta. Saw what we believed to be Atlantic rising below the center island.

Tuesday May 31st

Evening fish report. Cold and windy, tough fishing, did land some respectable fish, drifting over the breakers onto Joppa @ high tide.

Wednesday 6/1/2005

Yah-Baby! This is the day we have been waiting for! Schooling stripers every where at sunrise.

Lucky me, three lovely ladies met me at the dock for a day of fishing, My incredible wife Jennifer, her dashing friend Irena, and the legendary Fly-fishing instructor Dianne Matott. Dianne gave casting instructions and the 15 inch schoolies in black creek where very accommodating. Joppa fished very well on the out going. The girls landed one 31 inch fish and several other respectable fish. Expect tomorrow to be spectacular.

6/1/2005 Pm trip

South east corner of Joppa was thick with stripers. Of the seven boats that where fishing the area, 3 or 4 @ a time would be hooked up at once. Best trip so far of the season.

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