September 27, 2020

White Mountain Region - 1st report

Submitted - 2005-04-29
As much as I would love to give a glowing report the truth is the fishing in our part of New Hampshire is poor at best. The Saco, as you might expect is blown out. The warm weather of last week and the heavy rains sent the Saco over the top. It has come down a little, but still to high to fish. We are expecting more rain through the weekend and there is a flood warning out for the next couple of days.
The same holds true for the Ellis and Swift Rivers.
I can not stress to much how dangerous the rivers are at this time. Last week we had a near fatal accident on the Saco. A couple of guys attempting to fish and canoe the river flipped when they ran into a tree. They were darn lucky to make it home alive.
The ponds are starting to turn on. We have had good reports from guys fishing the ponds in Eaton and Ossipee.
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