October 31, 2020

Captain Brett Reports on Fishing between 6-3-05 to 6-5-05

Submitted - 2005-06-06
Mornings at the Mouth of the Merrimack with the tide just beginning to push in. Large schools of blitzing fish. From the Jetty to Plum Island point stripers were feeding on Medium size sand eels. Clousers and other sand eel patterns to around 6 inch were effective. Fish a sinking head line to find slightly larger fish around legal size.

Just around high tide, mid channel from Half tide rocks to Black Rock, found very selective busting fish. They appeared to be on tiny sand eels. We found 2 inch olive flat wing to be somewhat effective.

The Drift is starting to produce some larger fish more consistently( Still not the size we are all waiting for)

Captain Brett
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