October 22, 2020

Lakes Region Action Heats Up!

Submitted - 2005-06-07
Finally a stretch of relatively dry weather and the fishing action has really picked up! The Newfound river has been stocked and the fishing from the lake dam down is producing rainbows in the 12-16 inch class. Beadhead buggers as well as copper johns have been producing well. There have been some morning hatches of PMD's as well as midges and caddis, although on a recent trip the action was all subsurface. The Smith river in Danbury has good fishing as well with some dry fly action on Adams and Elk Hair Caddis in the 16-18 size range. The Pemi in Bristol has had water levels of varying degrees the past week and reports are relatively spotty. We've yet to catch or even see an Atlantic Salmon in the Bristol area. Further east on the Big Lakes (Winni and Squam) the talk is of bass. The spawning is in full swing and bass are being readily caught via any bug fished within 10 feet of the bed!
Salmon and rainbow trout fishing has slowed and the fish are now being caught dragging streamers from 15-35 feet down. Early morning fishermen are picking up a few fish at first light on sinking lines with Joe Smelt streamers. Once the sun starts up most flyfishermen are heading to the bass beds.

The Sandwich Notch Ponds are tough to get into from the Sandwich side as the road has yet to be graded. The slow trip in is worth it though as fishing is very good. Midge hatches and some good mayfly hatches were happening on our last trip. Griffith's Gnats and extended body mayflies were both productive. Water temps were close to 60 degrees. Expect the hatches to really pick up in the next week. The brook trout in these ponds are very colorful and the scenery is spectacular--well worth a trip.

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