October 1, 2020

Captain Brett is doing well in the Salt

Submitted - 2005-06-12
6/7/05 to 6/10/05

Lots of interesting stuff to talk about the last few days.

First and worst is that the AM fishing for us light tackle guys has been sub par. There have certainly been plenty of fish around, and they are plenty good eaters, but the 30” plus fish have been hard to find. (Lots of babies for the future).

Water Temps have gone up dramatically. Outgoing end of tide on Joppa 69 Deg. in coming just before top 55.

Now for the good news! (Sorry Janet).

The PM fishing has been great. One particularly fun thing that has been happening is that at the top half of the outgoing there has been some large sand eels hanging around the North side of the North Jetty. They are being pursued by large Stripers. Approximately every third fish landed has been legal. Large Olive and white Clousers have been good for us, and 6” natural sluggos have proved will for the spin fishermen. The water is a beautiful crystal clear green (a sharp contrast to the water on Joppa). It is extremely exciting to see the pursuit of naturals by the Bass and to see the take of our presentations.

Best new of all is THERE BACK. Last evening on Joppa our boat landed a 42” and a 38” fish and we spoke to others who landed a 40 and a 44. Hope they hang around for a while!

We should be hearing a lot more about our 40” plus visitors.

Capt. Brett

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