October 31, 2020

Bad Weather Brings Good Fishing for Captain Brett

Submitted - 2005-06-15
06/13/05 to 06/15/05

Lots of changes on and around Joppa.

On June 13 the water temp on the flat at the end of the outgoing was 77 deg. (ouch!). What happened to that extended fishing we all hoped for? Good fish on flat but getting harder to induce strike. Feels like July complete with bugs.

June 14 the weather came and the fish turned on. Nasty cold for people, awesome for stripers. Everyone on the flat was hooked up. Remember on Joppa if you want big fish throw BIG flies and big baits in general. The guys throwing small clousers are consistently catching a ton of babies. The guys throwing huge profile flies are occasionally hooking huge fish. Our best for the day was 45 inches, 30 lbs.

June 15. Man was it miserable cold and wet, but the fishing remains spectacular. Water temps back to below 70. More legal fish than not landed. Remember to land those big fish as quickly as possible and to revive them longer than normal. These conditions are tough on large fish and we have been noticing a lot of dead fish on Joppa that did not survive the fight.

Captain Brett

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