October 31, 2020

Dartmouth / Sunapee Region - 1st report

Submitted - 2005-04-29
Due to the recent rains, rivers and streams are running high and cold in the Upper Valley region. Most are currently unfishable. NH fish and Game has not stocked the area as of April 25th and VT has also delayed stocking in the White and Ottaquechee rivers due to high water. Reports of holdover fish being caught are sporadic, the Ottaquechee has given up a few. Vermont is scheduled to stock the Black River this week under their “trophy” program so if it happens, look for lots of cars (and garbage) and you will probably be in the right spot. Most of the success thus far has been in lakes and ponds, particularly those holding salmon. Trollers have taken fish on streamers (Joe’s smelt) and a few have been caught at inlets and tributaries where smelt runs have tapered. A few decent browns and rainbows have been taken from the inlet of the Mascoma in Enfield, but mostly on hardware. Ponds are beginning to warm up enough to generate some insect activity. Midges are hatching in most ponds now so look for some surface activity on calm evenings. Tewksbury pond in Canaan would be worth a try. As soon as the rain ends and the rivers start to drop, fishing will improve rapidly so be prepared for the first time the water temperatures reach 50.

This report was provided by Lyme Angler in Hanover, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://lymeangler.com