October 1, 2020

Nows the time in the North Country

Submitted - 2005-06-24
The water flows are good and the trout fishing in the trophy stretch is great! Caddis are hatching as are sulphurs, and callibaetis. Pond fishing is very good and we expect the Green Drake / Hex hatch to occur during the next week. Also the Androscoggin Alder Fly hatch is expected this weekend into next week.

Flies to try: Elk Hair Caddis, Sulphur parachute, Grey CDC caddis, Micro Stone, Black Wooley Bugger, Olive CDC Caddis and Tan Caddis Pupa.

Flies to try in ponds or for trout include the black or grey wooly bugger, Goddard Caddis, Henryville Special, Marabou Black Ghost, beadhead pheasant tails and / or soft hackles, hornbergs, Griffith's Gnat, CDC Caddis, and Hex cripple.
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