October 1, 2020

Dartmouth / Sunapee Region still Fishing Well

Submitted - 2005-07-07
Wednesday July 6, 2005

Lakes and Ponds: Surface activity is good on most lakes and ponds in the late evenings. The Hexagenia hatch is at its peak now, and this week's forecast for overcast days should help bring them out a bit earlier. Trout and Smallmouth are rising to the giant mayflys.

Connecticut River (NH): Flows are good and fish are being caught in large numbers. Smallmouth are hitting both poppers and wolly buggers. Alder flies and Golden Stoneflies are hatching throughout the day now so look for trout on emerger patterns in the early morning or evening.

Mascoma River (NH): A few trout have been rising after 7 PM, but high water temps (72 degrees yesterday) are keeping the fish down deep. This week's weather should help restore morning and evening fishing.

Sugar River (NH): The Sugar is back down to fishable levels and the cooler days (70's forecast throughout the week) should help lower the water temperatures and bring the trout up toward the surface. Hornbergs always are a good choice here.

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