October 1, 2020

Captain Brett Reports In.

Submitted - 2005-07-17

Fishing remains good in the great bay area. Water temps are great in the low 60,s. For my guys fishing with flies and rubber baits, our larger fish have come up past Goat Island drifting through the river rips. Also done well close to the mouth on the Maine side just were the grass meets the sand close to shore.

I feel fortunate to do what I do. I often have the opportunity to fish clients that are family members (married couples, brothers, etc.).

My favorite times tend to be when an adult takes a child fishing. The smiles and interaction is so sincere. I was blessed with this type of client on Friday. A father and Daughter team. Ed said it would be OK to share his note which follows.

Hi Brett,

Just a reminder if you could please forward the pics

you took of myself and Whitney today. Once again we

Had a great time and appreciate all your efforts to

Put us into fish.

Thought you might enjoy this story which took place

over breakfast today following our trip with you.

We were trying to figure out exactly who caught how

many fish ...well I finally said...OK...OK...I think

you not only caught the biggest fish but the most fish

also. We figured we had caught about the same # of

fish (if we included the one I lost) so I said no you

caught the most.

Her next statement was intended to make the 'ol man

feel at least respectable ..so she

says...no...no..you caught the most and I landed the

most! Is this young lady destined for a life in the diplomatic service or what. I nearly fell out my seat laughing and she almost had to land me too.

Again thanks for all your help and we'll be in touch

for Joppa in June next year and maybe later this

year for the fall harvest.

I'll be seeing my brother tommorow so if your able to

send those pictures along tonight it would be great.

Take care.

Ed & Whitney


Capt. Brett
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