October 1, 2020

Conditions in the Dartmouth / Sunapee Region

Submitted - 2005-07-19
Local Stream Conditions

Tuesday July 19, 2005

Connecticut River (NH): Our drift boat trips continue to find some nice Smallmouth, mostly subsurface (nymphs and woolly buggers).

Lakes and Ponds: Surface activity has stopped as the Hex hatch is over. Early morning and late evenings may produce a trout or two with sinking lines and heavy nymphs. Don't play the fish long or you will kill them!

Sugar River (NH): The river has dropped to summer levels and temps have risen to 70 degrees. Our Saturday morning trip produced two trout (one 12" Rainbow and one 8" Brown) on a bead head Prince nymph.

White River (VT): 70-72 degree water in the main stem means the trout are down deep and just trying to survive. Concentrate on Smallmouth in the lower reaches of the river. The only trout fishing worth while is up in the brooks, where small Brook and Rainbow trout plus a few Atlantic Salmon, can still be caught on caddis dries and nymphs.

Ottauquechee River (VT): Flows are down to summer levels and mid-day temps are VERY HIGH (78 degrees on Monday). Rainbows are holding tight and down deep. Best to give them a break as catching them will probably exhaust them beyond their recovery capacity.

Mascoma River (NH): Like every other river high water temps (74 degrees) are keeping the trout down deep and uninterested in actively feeding.

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