October 22, 2020

Lakes Region Update

Submitted - 2005-07-22

The past week of hot weather has raised temperatures on area rivers, ponds, and lakes.
We fished the Newfound on Thursday 7/21 and the water temperatures were in the mid 70's about 200 yards below the dam. Plenty of small bass on woolly buggers. Some caddis and pmd's were noted on the water.
The nothern stretches on the Pemi fished very well this week with water temperatures up in the Woodstock area in the mid 60's in the morning. Brook trout 8-12 inches were taking both copper johns and stimulators fished in the faster current. Several very nicely colored rainbows pushing 15 inches were also in the mix and they were taken on woolly buggers fished through the deeper holes.
Reports below the Franklin dam show activity on both rainbows and smallmouths.
Fishing the faster, more oxygenated water can be very productive this time of year.

This report was provided by Rick Forge Hunting and Fishing Adventures in Center Harbor, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://rickforge.com