October 1, 2020

Good Fishing Continues in Pittsburg.

Submitted - 2005-07-25
Got to love the warm weather! Warm weather = air conditioning use in the northeast = energy demand = increased water flows on the Connecticut River! The flows are just a bit above normal which brings in the salmon from the river and keeps the temps COLD! The fishing is great! Caddis, yellow stones, larger stone, cahills are hatching! Fishing has also been good on the river below Pittsburg and floating thelower Connecticut has been very productive. Water flows are perfect and so aren't the temps! Fishing is good below First Lake Dam, the Ledges, and step pools.

Spots to try include the Dam Pool below First Lake, Bridge Pool, at the junction of Bishop Brook and the CT, below Murphy Dam, the Ledges and the Skating Rink.

Flies to try: Elk Hair Caddis, CDC Caddis, Adams Irresistible, Yellow Sallies, Hornbeberg, Beadhead Pheasant Tail , Micro Stone, Prince, and Stimulators, Copper Johns, BH Prince, Hatching Pupas, Cream Adams, and Parachute Cahills.
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