September 27, 2020

Dartmouth / Sunapee Region Waters Cooling Off

Submitted - 2005-09-01
August 30, 2005

Connecticut River (NH): Our drift boat trips are still producing good numbers of smallmouth. Woolly buggers continue to be the top producers. Trout fishing is picking up also as water temps have come back down into the 60's.

Lakes and Ponds: Water temps are cooling so fish are rising early AM and late PM. Water levels are still low however, so small flies and light tippets are a must.

Sugar River (NH): Water levels and temps should be ok again, and will continue to improve throughout September.

White River (VT): 65 degrees water temperature has helped bring the trout back up. Water levels are still low (361 cfs) however, so small flies -- flying ants are hatching -- and 6x tippet are essential.

Ottauquechee River (VT): Flows are down to a 10 year low. The trout that survived the hot, rainless summer are concentrated as a result. Recent rains will help bring flows up a bit and cooler temps may lead to active feeding in the near future.

Mascoma River (NH): The fishing has been slow here, but should pick up soon as cooler temps and more rain bring this river back into play.

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