September 27, 2020

September Fishing

Submitted - 2005-09-15
I just returned from fishing on the Conn. River and a remote pond in Pittsburg NH. The Conn. was good and many trout caught in the 10 to 13 inch range. Brookies, browns and rainbows all caught on dry flies. The water was a little low but temps and weather made for ideal conditions. Blue winged olives, light cahill, and elk wing caddis all produced fish.

My friend Gene Patnaude joined me on this trip and we stayed with my brother in Norton, VT. Gene is fairly new to fly fishing so I was very happy to see him catch 2 very nice trout. Gene caught and released a 17 inch rainbow on a stretch of river we fished in Bloomfield. Sorry I can't show a picture of this fish because I left my camera in the truck. Gene caught and released a 19 1/2 inch brown with a nice girth. You can see a picture of Gene's brown on my web site This brown was caught on a stretch we fished in Cannan VT.

I have always loved the places that this great sport has taken me. Again it has brought me to a beautiful place in our north woods. For me the brook trout has always been the fish I have the greatest desire to catch. We made the trip into Boundary Pond in Pittsburg on Sept. 13 and had some wonderful fishing from noon till dark. There was maybe 5 to 10 minutes between fish all day. The fish were rising all over the pond and we were catching and releasing brookies in the 8 to 10 inch range all day. We caught a few fish in the 11 and 12 inch range as well as a couple of very small fish that might go 3 inches at best. I tried to fish my sinking line to maybe hook a larger fish from the depths but, I couldn't bare to watch all the surface feeding fish without casting a dry to them. I guess I'll have to wait till the next time I fish there to hook the big one. I fished the elk wing caddis, saco caddis and then switched to a flying ant size 16 around 4:30 PM when we noticed the ant hatch. We caught fish after fish till dark.

If you should make the trip to Boundary Pond stop and read the plaque on the boulder honoring a game warden who died there in 1968. His name was Gary Waterhouse and he was called the "Jolly Green Giant" by his fellow wardens. I remembered reading about this years earlier and I couldn't remember the details. When returned home I looked for the book I had read about his death. He had died of a heart attack. I'm sure his trip to heaven was a little shorter from this high and beautiful place. If you would like to read about this you can find the info in Paul Doherty's book "Smoke From A Thousand Campfires."

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