October 1, 2020

Long over do fishing report.

Submitted - 2005-09-21
Fishing in the Valley has been good to excellent. The fish in the Saco have been tough. They are taking midges in the evenings and they are very skittish. Just the act of wading into the river can send these fish down stream. On the nights when there has been a little wind the odds go up. On the other hand these same fish can be suckers for a supper sized hopper.
The good folks at the dam on the Ellis picked last week to draw down. Timmy's Pool was down to just a trickle twice. It is full now. Have had good reports about the section below and above the covered bridge in Jackson.
The upper valley streams: Rocky Branch, East Branch, Wildcat, and Slippery Brook are the hot spots. Small fish, but lots of fun.
The ponds, to date, have not turned on. Give them another week. This report was provided by The North Country Angler in North Conway, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://northcountryangler.com