October 22, 2020

Report from WS Hunter & Company

Submitted - 2006-04-23
We took an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and went fishing Thursday in Weare. The gentlemen I fished with had not trout fished in about ten years. He had a great time and an exceptional day of fishing. He caught a few fish using a soft hackle but the smile on his face when he caught a 13" brook trout made the day. We also were able to intrique a few fish with dries. There were alot of quill's coming off as well as caddis and they were not small ones either. The water temperature was 58 and the stream was low, but the fishing was great!!! This report was provided by W.S. Hunter & CO. in Concord, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://www.wshunter.com/