October 1, 2020

Early Hex Hatch

Submitted - 2006-06-13
We couldn't believe it........late Thursday (6/8) we witnessed the hex hatch on a pond in Berlin. We have never seen a hex hatch this early. When we got out of the truck we thought it was stuff on the water from the rain and wind blowing but as we got closer we realized they were hexagenia's. Tons of them. We were so excited we put a hex dry on and tried to enjoy the fun, however, the fish were not interested in our dry. As we watched closer, they were feeding on the hex emerger. So of course I tied on an emerger and as my emerger hit the water, the fish took it so fast and hard that I had to set the hook immediately upon its splash. What a thrill!!!! What was really neat, was the brookies I caught (and released) were so full that their stomachs were bulging and you could see their stomachs moving from all the insects they had eaten. Once the hex hatch was over, red quills begin to show and the fish were slowly gulping them down as well. Normally, we see the hex hatch happen late June early July but on this one pond, the hex hatch was early for this time of year and for the time of day (it was mid afternoon). The weather was overcast which probably sparked this hatch (which normally happens towards dusk) but man am I glad I was there to enjoy it!

Some of the guys in the shop have been doing alot of striper fishing. They have been having alot of luck and some not so lucky days. Every time they have been on the water, they have witnessed atleast one person catching a keeper but most of the fish are small schoolies.

As someone once said....."a day of fishing is better than a day at work". This report was provided by W.S. Hunter & CO. in Concord, NH. Follow this link for more specific information on the reports or the area - http://www.wshunter.com/