October 1, 2020

Stripers and Blues

Submitted - 2006-06-21
Monday, June, 19 - 5 AM Dick Bursaw invited me to fish for stripers. We caught plenty of schoolies in the Merrimack and I managed to catch and release one nice fish about 40 inches. The river is still dirty from the spring floods. After spending a couple of hours fishing inside, Dick took us outside in search of birds working on bait. Not many birds working so we cruised the Plum Island shore looking for fish. The blues are around and I managed to catch one on the fly rod. As we traveled south we noticed many schools of blues finning on the surface. They were not feeding and every cast that I made to them put them down. I'm sure they will be dining soon! It was a great time fishing with Dick. Dick has many years on the water and his boat is perfect for fly fishing. Call or visit the shop for details about fishing with Dick.
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