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08-07-2006, 03:35 PM

I hope everyone is finding some fish albeit in the thermocline for Salmon, or spring fed lakes for trout. Of hopefully late night for bass on the surface with a Gurgler....

I have been asked to teach another fly tying class at the Laconia High School Adult Education this fall. We had a nice class of 10 people this past February into April, where we tied almost 24 different fly patterns. After getting permission from the Mrs. I have accepted; and this class will begin September 26th. The class is on Monday nights from 6-8:30 pm (although I will be there until 9). There will be at least 6 classes however I am planning for 8 just in case Colombus Day and a TBD travel day (I am in sales) happens.

The theme is "A Christmas Flybox". We will be tying 2 flies per class for a total of 12 flies. We will also be making our own flybox using cut foam and glue so they will be a C&F knockoff...

I have decided on the 12 fly patterns and will be updating the syllabus on my website shortly.

The flies are:

1) Stimulator
2) Snowshoe Alder Fly (Zebra Caddis)
3) Bird's Nest
4) Copper John
5) Chappy's Smelt
6) Chappy's Sunset
7) Mosquito (Parachute & Paraloop)
8) Adams (Parachute & Paraloop)
9) M.R.E. (Meal Ready to Eat)
10) Connecticut River Curler
11) Hairwing Orange Demon
12) Orange Spey ATS Fly (I just got a nice orange spey hackle neck we play with)

To register you will need to contact Laconia Adult Education. If you have any questions, please let me know.

It should like any structured fly tying get together be something to look forward to once the season ends (I know there are places that you can still fish). With a 4 yr old and a 2 month old, anytime I can meet will fellow fly tiers, it is always enjoyable.

If anyone has any questions on the flies above or anything else on this post, and you are NOT planning on attending the class, no problem, send me your questions on this post and I will gladly answer them. I have seen that this forum has been slow going - hopefully it will liven up soon.