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Default New Vise advise

Hi all,
I am looking at getting a new vice and was looking for some info and guidance.
I am looking at the Dyna king but I am a bit confused. I see it listed as the Trekker, the Barracuda Jr and the Barracuda Jr Trekker. are they all the same vise? the write up is all the same on all three. I am a bit worried about the plastic screws to adjust the settings on it. I am also open to other vise info and direction. I mainly tie Bass Flies from size 4 to 2/0. I have also looked into the Peak, Renzetti and the Anvil Atlas. I would like to get a true rotary and my Budget is about $300. I am upgrading from a knock off Regal type vise so anything will be a huge upgrade.
Thanks in advance to any help
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