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Originally Posted by Warren View Post
If I remember correctly the weather wasn't too good the first week of the designated trout ponds this year and that keeps quite a few people away.

If you are referring to the Hopkins pond up by Andover, from what I heard the place was a madhouse on opening day. Maybe that's why it was near empty the day after.

From what I've been seeing over the years is that you will see more people fishing up until Memorial Day. Then it slows down through the 4th of July. Then after that you will see less and less people until Labor day then it picks up a bit until Columbus day. Then after that it's there's hardly anybody around.
I've lived and fished in NH my entire life. I guided for a 3 years spell, and worked at two different mom and pop sporting good stores over that time. I've seen the people come and go, but not like this. Usually there are still a few die hards on Russell, Sky, Profile, Echo, Hall or any other central NH pond even this time of year. I've never seen it so dead.

Yes Hopkins in Andover . I didn't make it there opening day due to one of my kids baseball game, but when we went in on Sunday there were still fish there, and honestly not much sign of travel. usually the two pull offs prior to the boat launch are rutted up pretty good. Not the case this year. I know Morey pond was stocked late due to the road in being impassable for the stock truck until the mud dried up a bit, and highland stayed pretty cold longer then usual so stocking was late there as well.
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