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Originally Posted by Rich015 View Post
I appreciate all the replies. Uptown - The Sage XP has been a rod I've considered several times over the years. And although I've never had the opportunity to cast one, it always just sounded too fast for me. Maybe after using the S4 for several years I should give it a try. Meaton - I've read a lot about the Scott G series and love what i hear. Unfortunately, they are a bit out of my price range. I'll be checking eBay.

I've only ever fished Sage rods as that's what my local shop (and friend) sold and owned.

I owned a Z-Axis which was a fast action rod. I own a TCX now which I feel is a bit faster then the Z was. The XP was much slower, and frankly as close to perfect for my taste. I did have a chance to fish a 99 which I didn't care for much. I don't know if it was the overall length I couldn't get used to , or just that is felt "soft" in the center of the rod.

What I liked about the XP the most was how well it casted a full sink line, as well as floating. The faster action rods like the Z and TCX keep such a tight loop it's easy get a few tailing loops in a day of casting that heavy of a line once I get tired and lazy.
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