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Yup - foam stones work - but know that in the Northeast, stones aren’t as prolific as they can be out West...however a little green stonefly/yellow sally hatch at dusk in June is pretty cool. Google these two for patterns.
Flip over a few of the large freestones in some of the freestone rivers, for there, you’ll also find large golden stoneflies. Never had luck with the adults, but always did well with the nymphs.
You want something nuts, try to hit the Alderfly hatch (Zebra fly) on the Androscoggin. This will happen (water temp specific) mid to late June.
Don’t be afraid to swing some “old school” wets, for the Northeast is where we got this started! Try a combination of gaudy and imitative (say Royal coachman and hares ear wet combo) - down and across. Sure...use the soft hackles as well - small streams keep the hackle sparse, but for larger rivers, I use three turns of hackle.
Others should chime in shortly. This board starts to pick up more during prime time.
Best ~
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