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Originally Posted by ljgurke View Post
Have not seen any down here in MA - though just got the RiverBum blog in my inbox - talking about the Green Drake Hatch - they say it happens when the Northern Catalpa tree blooms ... Good Luck, let us know how you do!
Interesting . . . There's two big catalpas that I drive by on the way to work and I was just noticing how they seem to be the last trees to leaf out. Everything else is leafed out but those two trees are just starting to leaf out. I've always found it happens around the last few days in May on the pond I fish it. Was up there this weekend, saw a total of three green drakes come off mid-afternoon (which is when they usually hatch) along with a couple caddis. But the trout weren't having it. Water temp was 57 degrees. I'm assuming I missed it because the lack of any strikes made it seem like the trout were extra full from gorging on green drakes for the past week. I'll be up there again, but probably not for a couple weeks, and then it should be HEX TIME!
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