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Originally Posted by truiteman View Post

The fishery in the Kennebec after Edwards dam has been nothing short of amazing. Granted it is now stripers, sturgeon and shad not stocked browns.

And as a naturalist, you should know that the loss of forage fish in the oceans are one of the biggest causes in the decline of saltwater fish species. We need more spawning habitat!

I have been involved in many dam removals and if you can find a way to repair a dam and maintain the dam and the fish passage for less money than removing the dam.......well you will become a very rich man.

Dams are also one of the largest contributors to global warming. The water held behind dams is nothing more than a big thermal holding tank.

As to the immediate environment once a dam is removed, yeah it can be a little unsightly. But don't worry, Mother Nature will fix it in short order.

The Lamprey has the potential to be a world class sea run brook trout stream. I hope I live to see it.

While the science will back up the removal of the dam, it will all boil down to money. If the folks of Newmarket want to pay, or a legislator can slide some pork into a bill somewhere, the dam will stay. Otherwise the dam will go, wildlife will will be better off, and so will the human race.

Well spoken.
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