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Thanks for posting the link. Well worth looking at your Maine northwoods adventure.

Concerning your measure of activity, I am post #23 or 24 on this string. Your post on MeFF thus far has garnered 18 (a half a dozen of which are your comments to other posters). Kinda like Uptown here.

The comparison doesn't seem to bear negatively for this forum. Perhaps it is simply the title of this thread that inclines in a downward directio.

I below to a shrinking Massachusetts forum (in some ways similar to this one). However, there remain here a stalwart few die hards who still enjoy posting stories and pics regardless of the fact that trends in social media are drifting away from forum like this one.

I encourage we hold the line, and not buckle under rumor or innuendo of decline. Keep posting, and commenting. I, for one, vicariously enjoy the adventures posted and appreciate the time and energy taken to compose and construct the presentation.

To those still reading, I say thank you for your contributions.
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