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Originally Posted by meaton View Post
We've been striking out on the local rivers mainly using bugs that we brought with us from Colorado. Can't decide if there are no holdover/resident fish and that's why we're striking out, or if we're using the wrong flies.
The water temp is still on the chilly side and no big hatches yet hurts, but the truth is that holdover or wild trout in the majority of NH rivers simply aren't abundant. It'll come alive in many areas after the stocking trucks make their rounds, but fly pattern won't be particularly important. In the meantime go after some of the native fish. Fallfish and smallmouth are fun and abundant enough to target and keep a bend in the rod in the meantime.

Originally Posted by meaton View Post
Any other suggestions? Anything you'd change on the bugger in the pic?
Good looking bugger. Only thing I'd change is downsize the hackle a bit, but the fish aren't going to care either way.

Good luck.
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