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Ok, it's Oct. 5. Trout season closes in ten days. It's been one of the best falls for fishing weather I can remember in decades. Cool nights, not stupid hot fall days. Brook Trout are taking to the shores and coming out of the deep water we've had to dredge for all summer long.

Not one single post about fishing since 9/10??!!!! Did everyone quit fishing, or is it just time to pull the plug on fishing sites that aren't a "chat group" on the internet ghetto known as Facebook? Apparently so.

I can't help but remember the days a little over a decade ago when the world wide web allowed a group of enthusiastic anglers and hunters to get together on line both during our seasons and our off seasons to discuss tactics, gear and areas we all enjoyed our passion. Of course with that came the reality that we all don't see those in the same light which lead to trolling, arguing and many disagreements. Is that what caused the death of these chat rooms?

Or is it bigger than that? is it the change in the manner in how we communicated via these sites? When they first started many were posting from a desk top as I am right now. Then came laptops which still allowed easy posting, but from our beds and couches. Is it the fact that everyone has outgrown their laptops and desk tops where our main source of internet access comes via the smart phone?

I personally feel that's the disconnect. Phones while handy to find what we're looking for in a quick manner are not easy to post a long winded or detailed fishing , hunting report. Is that the reason, or has "social media" actually made us "anti social? Is too much of a "good thing" a bad thing?
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