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Thanks for posting this Cree!!! For ten years I lived a stone's throw from the CT in the Upper Valley area and fished it all the time for walleye, bass, pike, etc. For the past 12 years that I've been in south-central NH I've not been back to fish that section of the CT as often as I'd like - but I still get up a few times a year. I've been annoyed with the way the new owner's of the Wilder Dam are controlling the flows. I've experienced strange water levels and flows - either very high and fast or very low - just about every time I've been up there between May and October over the past few years. I've not seen all of the other negative impacts that you've mentioned but I do believe that they are happening, and happening worse the closer you get to Wilder Dam - either upstream or downstream from it. I would be interested in helping in any way I could to get the word out. And since I'm a member of the New England chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers - I bet I could get them to look into this and maybe take it up as an issue.
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