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Old 07-17-2009, 07:36 AM
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Default Hawkeye and LL Salmon

I hope all you guys are familiar with "Hawkeye" It is the monthly that has a lot of news for NH Sportsmen. I wish to quote from a front page article by Dick Baker. Quote:

"Over the last decade New Hampshire Fish and Game big lake biologists, Don Miller and John Viar have turned Winnepesaukee into the best salmon fishery in New England." The salmon are healthy and numerous. In May it is not uncommon to catch 20 to 40 fish per day. But Winni is a huge lake and fee and public access is extremely limited."

He goes on to say, " Don and John were angry about the recent Gilford decision ( to close the Ames Farm Launch). You have to like these guys. Most public employees won't give you an honest opinion.....There is no hope that Fish and Game will be able to create a Public access to replaces Ames Farm."

Dick Baker's conclusion. Quote:

" It is obvious that the wealthy shore front residents frown upon the lowly fishermen who want to share the salmon rich waters of Winnepesaukee. It's a shame that Fish and Game has created such a fantastic fishery with such limited public access."
================================================== ==============

I will add the following to bring you guys up to speed when we again this fall ask for your united whole hearted support to extend the opportunities for us lowly anglers.

Four years ago, our request was backed 4 to 1 and was unanimously turned down by the commissioners. We now have a new F&G director and many new commissioners so we have a new opportunity. At that time, Don Miller and John Viar gave a thumbs down to our request. They are key to any change. Let's hope their "anger" over limited public access will result in them giving us something more than a straight " thumbs down" next time around.

================================================== =============

1) The 20 to 40 fish per day mentioned in the article are caught by trollers.

2) These biologists have bemoaned the fact that such a high percentage of fish netted each fall are found to have severe mouth injuries. I think everyone can agree it is the trollers not the C&R fly guys who are responsible for this.

3) NHF&G tosses the " lowly fishermen" a bone by allowing us to fish the Merrymeeting River during the month of October. We want November.

4) Some think the Salmon need a "rest" after being harassed and injured by trollers all summer. I think something ought to be done about the trollers. ( like limiting barbs, number of lines, you name it....)

5) With the many thousands of salmon in the lake, how many get up into Merrymeeting to be " bothered" by C&R anglers? One percent?

And even if the whole lake were open to barbless hook C&R wade fishermen for another month, how much damage would that do? With the extremely limited access I would venture precious little. The vast majority of salmon still will not encounter an angler. And don't forget, we pay for these fish; the Winni land owners do not.
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Old 10-27-2018, 07:01 AM
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Old 10-27-2018, 08:30 AM
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For you new guys who didn’t get a chance to interact with Otter, look up some of his posts. He was a cool old dude.
"And so my brother and I were left to assume that the Fisherman on the Sea of Galilee were fly fisherman and that John, the favorite, was a dry fly fisherman" -Norman McLean "A River Runs Through It"
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Old 10-27-2018, 09:46 AM
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Default Otter

Otter was a great guy and so much fun to fish with. He was passionate about the outdoors, and he always shot from the hip. I miss him a lot as we need more guys like him. I often think about him as I fish some of the special places he liked to fish.
Fish a lot!
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